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Our mission and compassion drives us to feed and supply the homeless and those who are in need  with food, water, clothing and hygiene. The bible says in Deuteronomy 15:11 the poor shall never cease out the land. So, it is our duty to give and support those who are in need. Challenge yourselves to help take on this very needful mission, by having the compassion that Jesus had in the book of Matthew 14:16-20, when he took two fish and five loaves of bread and fed about five thousand people. Saints of God, it is our duty, obligation and being spiritually bound to fulfill the word of God, so arm yourselves with the mind of Christ. Contact us at 1.800.372.9380 or email


Our Mission

Before Jesus took the two fish and five loaves of bread, he refused to let about five thousand  people leave without feeding them first, so it is our mission to feed as many as possible. There may be some opportunities to help lead and  guide lost souls to the whole truth of God. We will not force or compel anyone how to live unless questions are asked.

How you can help


We greatly thank the Saints of God, who know their duties towards the work of the Lord. We also thank those of you, who have known of our mission and has generously contributed. We also thank those who weekly devoted to give. Call for more details 1.800.372.9380.


Every week we provide those who are in need with a healthy meal and desserts. All meals are freshly made and delivered to the communities by the Saints of God. Our mission is that, we strive to make assure, that we feed as many as we possibly can. 


We are currently distributing food and other necessities to the city of Camden New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pa and Norristown, Pa. All locations are subject to change. Call or email us at 610.268.7683

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might... Help those in need.ooooT

Whatever our hands so find to do, do it with thy might.

Help us continue our work

Let us all be workers together, in mind and in spirit. Not forgetting our mission which is set before us. Saints be strong in the Lord.

Help us make a change